Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Cake Stylish Designs

Wedding cakes are one of the biggest attractions and cake cutting is the custom that is followed with great enthusiasm and happiness. The couple selects the wedding cake design as per their likes, budget and wedding theme.

There are so many creative designs available and it will be really a touch affair to select one out of them. The couples love to celebrate theme based wedding. So the cakes are designed as per the wedding themes.

The multi-tier wedding cakes are available in many shapes such as oval, square, polygon etc. Some of the representative cake designs are listed below:

  • Beach wedding cake design: Base color of the cakes can be coral, shades of blue, green, white etc. The cake can be decorated with edible as well as artificial toppers such as couple in the cruise, shells, conches, mermaids, star fishes etc. the wedding cake can be in the shape of a shell, ship or a dream sea castle etc. The couple can go for cupcake wedding cakes too. Combination or cupcakes as well as multi-tier cake is also an exciting option
  • Black and White cake designs: Though there is color restriction, enormous cake designs are available in various sizes, shapes; rich with creative designs and ideas. Alternate layers of black and white can be decorated with beautiful flowers that highlight the contrast. The dice shaped cakes also look great. Cake toppers make the wedding cakes special. Black and white love birds, the bride and the groom in black and white attire, the bride and the groom sitting in a sledge, a snowman etc. add value to the cake. Tuxedo pattern cakes are also perfect for black and white theme
  • Spring wedding cake designs: Spring wedding cake designs can be many; as spring is the season of colors, flowers and beautiful weather. So the wedding cakes can be beautifully decorated with attractive and colorful toppers such as flowers, leaves, fruits etc. Combination of cupcakes can go with tiny colorful flower toppers; while, multi-tier cake center piece can go with bright colored flower toppers which in turn can be a real eye catcher.

The multi-tier wedding cakes are all time favorite. Many people select cupcake wedding cakes too as it saves the cutting cost and transportation cost. It is really worth searching wedding cake designs as after all it is such a delightful sweet affair.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Wedding Season

Again a new wedding season has come. There will be lot of work for the wedding couple, wedding planners and cake designers. Especially for the couple there would be lot of confusion in deciding many things, if not in all things deciding their wedding cake would be for sure. wedding cake should be special and unique so that it makes the wedding remarkable and every couple wants their wedding to be just perfect in all aspects. Wedding cake is a small aspect in whole wedding but if you are not paying attention to it, then later you will regret very badly. so don't be in a hurry in deciding your wedding cake. Go through the cake portals and get an idea about the latest designs, themes and flavors of the wedding cake. For every wedding season there is a theme and specialty, know your season special and be unique with your own theme. Spend time on your wedding preparation and make your wedding memorable for years. cheers for all the new wedding couple and all who involve in wedding.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Benefits of Cupcake Wedding cake

Wedding Cake plays a very important roll in wedding ceremony. There are different types of wedding cakes of which Cupcake wedding cake is one and has its own individual beauty. Now a days most of the wedding planners are recommending cupcake as wedding cake. The wedding couple are also interested in cupcake as it makes their wedding cake different from the normal wedding cake until it has a different and unique theme in it. Cupcake wedding cake is easy for transportation. Normally there should be an extra care to be taken in transport of wedding cake as there are many chances of melting and layers to disturb.

cupcake wedding cake has its own beauty and adds different kind of appreciations from the wedding guests too. Many has a false thinking that cupcake doesn't suit as a wedding cake. In fact cupcake as wedding cake has many advantages. After wedding distributing wedding cake is a really tough and how much you plan, it wont be done in an organized way. but with cupcake wedding cake, serving becomes very easy. Not only serving but also the guests who are not willing to have wedding cake there can also carry it without any difficulty. Cupcake wedding cakes are also available in different flavors with different toppers. cupcakes can be beautifully decorated according to the choice of the couple.

Cupcakes are stylish and can be decorated individually. They also come in different price range. The cupcake wedding cake stand also make the look elegant and colorful

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black and white wedding cakes

Cakes turn on your taste buds always. The wide variety of cake is a result of the liking about this food item among people. And when it comes to wedding cakes and that to a black and white wedding cake, the only word that comes out is Yummy! Just for a moment close your eyes and think about the cake covered with a dark chocolate cream with white creamy flowers. Lured? Go and buy one then!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black and White Wedding Cakes

These are the special for the wedding. Combination of black and white colors gives attraction and uniqueness for your cake. You can use vanilla creme for white and dark chocolate cream for black color.

If you did proper design and decoration black and white wedding cakes are always better then other cakes