Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding cake: I am curious about this

Wedding cake!!! This word it self brings water to my mouth. When I am invited to any wedding ceremony, I start thinking about different wedding cake designs, flavors and tastes.

Now a days there are different kinds of wedding cakes available in the market with different designs. Sometimes I am surprised by the prices of special wedding cakes.

People use different ranges of wedding cakes according to their status. Last month I attended a marriage where I saw some simple and cheap wedding cakes which tasted amazing.

In some marriage functions, they prepare their own wedding cake by learning some special wedding cake recipes. But this is a little difficult and risky.

I remember one such a marriage where they prepared their own wedding cake with design. Every one appreciated the special cake but after wedding, when we tasted the cake it was horrible. Sometimes I get scared in my dreams just by remembering that incident …ha ha ha just kidding

If you people have any special experience please feel free to share.